A Call to Defend Public Education

Repeal Charter School Laws
The Time Is NOW!

Over the past twenty three years, we have witnessed the charter school industry systematically dismantle our public education system. It usually goes something like this:

• Public schools in predominantly low income areas close due to false claims of low enrollment or false claims of failure.
• The public schools reopen as charter schools.
• The charter schools appoint private school boards that are unaccountable to taxpayers.
• Inexperienced or unlicensed teachers are often hired.
• Unfair application processes reject students with special needs, students who are English language learners, or students with low test scores.
• Schools in low income areas get inexperienced or unlicensed teachers.
• Schools in high income areas get highly qualified teachers, with a student body that has few students with special needs, or students who are not good test takers, and certainly no English language learners.
• The charter school cherry pickers then have the gall to claim these are good charters.

These are not “good” charters; this is segregation! This is gentrification! True public schools cannot reject any student. All are accepted regardless of background.

In 1992, the Charter School Act was passed in the state of California.
Since its passage we have seen

• Rampant fraud
• Embezzlement of public education funds
• Bribery
• Enrollment fraud
• Conflicts of interest between the charter school industry and government officials
• Resegregation of student populations

The result has been a huge lineup of greedy individuals eager to get their hands on millions in public education funding in the form of government contracts. Charter schools have proven to be lucrative for many. Those who care more about money than the greater good now influence public education decisions. And the disparity of public education funding and resources between those in lower income areas versus more affluent areas is beginning to resemble the era when Jim Crow laws existed and separate but equal was OK.

But those with a moral compass know this is never OK.

Just as it is true that a nation is judged by how well it treats its most vulnerable members, it is also true that a public education system is judged by how well or not well it treats its most disadvantaged students.

“In the field of public education, separate but equal has no place.”

Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court,
Earl Warren-Brown V. Board of Education decision (May 17, 1954).

Repealing the Charter School Act of 1992 is the Only Way To Fix the Problems

Profiteers are lurking about at every school. They’re hatching their next “get rich quick” scheme, plotting how to stick their snout in the public education tax dollar trough.
• We have all heard legislators claim we have an education budget crisis. The crisis and the shame is that huge amounts of public education tax dollars have been diverted to very wealthy individuals and corporations, leaving less and less money for students in the classroom.
Greed for profits rules over a moral sense of humanity that all students regardless of background should be given a fair shot at a quality education. The privatization of public education has exposed the ugly side of human behavior.

Revising Current Charter Law or Unionizing
Charters Will Not Solve the Problem

You will hear the claim we can make charter schools more accountable to the public. You will also hear teacher union officials claim we can unionize the charter schools. These are bandaid solutions that will not solve the problems in any meaningful way. Charter school corruption simply runs too deep and the legal loopholes are too numerous.

Billionaire privatizers want to take over our elected school boards, and already have in many cases by funding school board elections. They will pull every trick in the book to keep siphoning off the money that belongs to our public schools. Bill Gates and Eli Broad are among the greedy siphoning off our public education tax dollars with the force of a fire hose.

The charter school industry is the most insidious form of cancer our public education system has ever seen. But you cannot put a band-aid on cancer; it must be cut out.

Be on the right side of history. Join us to repeal charter school laws, once and for all!!

All public education students deserve to see a brighter day. Public school teachers who are falsely blamed for lack of resources while the rich amass their empire deserve to see a brighter day.

Support this effort to REPEAL charter school laws today. We will be placing an initiative on the November 2016 election ballot. Right now, signing this petition will show support and help to build a grassroots movement as we come together to defend our public schools from the money manipulators.

SIGN our online petition

Get your family members & friends to sign. WE CAN do this together!!

Voices Against Privatizing Public Education
A coalition of parents, teachers, public education activists and community activists.
E-mail : nocharterschools@yahoo.com
Find us on Twitter (@nocharters) and on Facebook (Voices Against Privatizing Public Education)

Be on the right side of history when California leads the way in cutting out insidious forms of cancer in public education!

Please help spread the word!

Download and print the PDF of the above text here and distribute to all those who care about saving our public schools.


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