One thought on “At Occupy Escondido- taking Repeal CA Charter School laws campaign on the road with Nina Deerfield

  1. please do not assume that all Charter schools are not public schools, you will cause tens of thousands of kids to be kicked out of their publicly funded and public ally managed charter school to be displaced and uprooted. if you are concerned about schools that does not have credential teachers, you can look at ever public school for that too. My children both attend fundenmental lotto only charter schools, it is at a public school location, is run by the local school district and anyone has the opportunity to request to attend as we have an open district policy. I know many home school charters that fall in the same category, the teachers are all credentialed, required to provide all the curiculium as a public charter school and also work under district quidelines. I myself went to the first fundenmental teacher / parent school that was the model for fundamental charter schools no. I will be working on an alternate campaign to get as many signature for Charter school as you get against. These type of campaigns are too one sided and end up getting pushed through our political system without thought to the consequences to all the thousands of people, in this case kids that it will ruin their education. How about you go after Common Core instead.


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