Washington State Outlaws Charter Schools

The Washington State Supreme Court Recently ruled that charter schools are in violation of the state’s constitution and therefore cannot receive public funding. This is a huge blow to the education privatization movement and a tremendous victory for public education!

Must Read Articles on the Washington State Supreme Court’s Ruling: 

Washington State Supreme Court Decision

From the Washington Post:
A Perfect Education Storm in Washington State   by Valerie Strauss with a post by Wayne Au, an associate professor at the University of Washington Bothell and an editor for the social justice education magazine, Rethinking Schools. He was also a  plaintiff in the charter school legal challenge, along with organizations including the Washington Education Association and the League of Women Voters.

From Salon.com:
Washington Supreme Court expels charter schools from state public school system 
Charter School Proponents are Reeling in the Wake of the Court’s Landmark Ruling 

(originally published on Alternet) by Steve Rosenfeld

From EdWeek:
Washington State Supreme Court Will Not Reconsider Charter School Ruling by Arianna Prothero

One thought on “Washington State Outlaws Charter Schools

  1. I am a current senior attending a charter school and I have been working on a school project regarding quality education. Each group was assigned a claim that shows why charter schools should be close. My claim stated that charter schools do not follow state performance standards. If you have any information that proves this claim to be true, I would appreciate if you could share it with me!
    Thank you!


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